Here Come The Miami Heat...

2021-ж., 26-фев.
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  • I wonder how much the stuff with Meyers Leonard is gonna change all this

    奥田瑠之輔奥田瑠之輔Ай мурун
  • I rate Butler’a leadership so highly. People tripping when they talk about the Heat. They aren’t the same team as last year but that’s the disappointment of injuries. Nets and Philly are ridiculously dominant in the east though.

    Dylan GrivellDylan GrivellАй мурун
  • D wade

    Andres CasalesAndres CasalesАй мурун
  • Kenny For Real????

    PolarbearPolarbearАй мурун
  • Can Dallas get some love too? They’ve been just as good as Miami since they’re players came back from Covid too.

    Vic CVic CАй мурун
  • Waiting for the next call game vid.

    WrldWrldАй мурун
  • he got the white sox cap back

    Jeevan BagriJeevan BagriАй мурун
  • Everybody be saying that miami heat gona be back to finals again cause they even more playing out of their mind now

    Chambers FridaysChambers FridaysАй мурун
  • lu alcatraz dort i kinda like the ring to it

    od9od9Ай мурун
  • Heat Nation!

    EthanEthanАй мурун
  • My take, if MVP was given for what it really meant Jimmy Butler would be #1 in the MVP race by far

    Luguentz DortLuguentz DortАй мурун
  • kenny i hate to be that guy but...can we get a vid on my new york Knicks?

    linus oppenheimerlinus oppenheimerАй мурун
  • Tre young really got worked in the dorture chamber

    Da-_-KineDa-_-KineАй мурун
  • Can we pls get draymon Greene on here he's one of my favourite players

    ZZULUZZULUАй мурун
  • I heard you mentioned on The Ringer podcast! Kenny doing big things! Keep it up bro!

    Michael BoydMichael BoydАй мурун
  • I want to say that. For people that aren’t heat fans saying that what we did was a fluke is mad disrespectful. When we have been injured for a huge part of the early seasons running with three g league players taking heavy minutes. We’re still not fully healthy l.

    Sergio SanchezSergio SanchezАй мурун

    Sergio SanchezSergio SanchezАй мурун
  • Haven’t talked about my wizards ;( lol

    FlaccoIsEliteFlaccoIsEliteАй мурун
  • about damn time, the BEST player in the east from last season Jimmy butler NEEDS to play like a SUPERSTAR to beat the GOAT nets

    Jared ThomasJared ThomasАй мурун

    Yuvraj SinghYuvraj SinghАй мурун
  • The heat beat the Knicks twice in a row why not Atlanta??

    Brian McKennaBrian McKennaАй мурун
  • U just won another subscriber!!!!!

    Tuna CongressTuna CongressАй мурун
  • Jummy was chosen but he declined because adebayo wasnt chosen

    Prodriguez .954Prodriguez .954Ай мурун
  • Its tough being a hawks fan 😞 we need to fire lloyd pierce

    Big papa CheeseBig papa CheeseАй мурун

    TJ StainesTJ StainesАй мурун
  • Knew they would pull through eventually

    Gamer DGamer DАй мурун
  • i dont know Goran Drachik

    Steve OSteve OАй мурун
  • Let's go heat 🔥🔥🔥

    Richer VictorRicher VictorАй мурун
  • Subscribing rn! Lovin your content bro you got a lot of knowledge abt the game! I’m an nba nerd myself and I’m thinkin abt starting a Twitter where I just talk basketball but I’m not sure yet. Also I’m a heat fan gotta say having the veteran presence of dragic along with the leadership from jimmy really elevates our team. Our ball movement and defense has certainly escalated during this five game win streak. keep up the content bro!

    Liam HartLiam HartАй мурун
  • Why Kenny look so drippy in this vid?

    TuhbsoTuhbsoАй мурун
  • That draymond take was interesting never even looked at him in that light until this video

    Goat GoatGoat GoatАй мурун
    • He’s just really good at being draymond Lol

      Goat GoatGoat GoatАй мурун
  • Love your channel bro, keep up the great work !!

    Andres CaicedAndres CaicedАй мурун
  • Eric Spoelstra can never be doubted !!

    Andres CaicedAndres CaicedАй мурун
  • Draymond be like: I took it personal. So of course i gotta bust them asses and give my teamates 19 buckets

    César NavalónCésar NavalónАй мурун
  • Bring dennis rodman the goat🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    ori shemerori shemerАй мурун
  • 100th comment

    Bear CombsBear CombsАй мурун
  • Jesus loves you

    elanna elannaelanna elannaАй мурун
  • there are few nba players that inspire me... jimmy butler is one of them.

    intimissimi88intimissimi88Ай мурун
  • Bam to Charlotte confirmed. Jordan Brand signed Bam Outtadabayou.

    BigBody GamingBigBody GamingАй мурун
  • Miami might be the dark horse team again this season

    Carbon CampaignCarbon CampaignАй мурун
    • @Unreleased Trades Possibly. They are being slept on

      Carbon CampaignCarbon CampaignАй мурун
    • Nah Knicks are dark horse team

      Unreleased TradesUnreleased TradesАй мурун
  • Doesn’t mention the Raptors/Houston Game where Kyle had a Triple Double and Freddy and Norm had +20 in a game where they were missing Pascal, Nick Nurse and 5 other memebers of their coaching staff. That’s an L.

    Bambius 2KBambius 2KАй мурун
  • It's crazy how once you have more of your key players back and can get in a groove after having the second shortest offseason in NBA history, you play better and win more games. People overreacted about about the Heat to start the season, and people are overreacting the Lakers right now

    Jason CrockerJason CrockerАй мурун
  • Jimmy Butler ofc

    Pedro CavacoPedro CavacoАй мурун
  • Damn, kenny dripping.

    ____________Ай мурун
  • Kenny in the new white Sox hat 😲

    Carson PattenCarson PattenАй мурун
  • But but you gotta CALL GAME

    Jao CuarteroJao CuarteroАй мурун
  • So we’re gonna ignore the fact Kenny just called Lu Dort a Nazi cuz he puts players in Alcatraz and Lu Dort is actually German 😅

    Isaiah CoraIsaiah CoraАй мурун
  • The stats may not back me up but I don’t think the Bulls were so much beating the Suns, I think the problem throughout the night, was the Suns just weren’t making their open shots, so when they started to make them the Bulls couldn’t keep up

    Ryrysmoke14Ryrysmoke14Ай мурун
  • Ayo Kenny get my guy Ish Smith 🐐

    Charlie WingertCharlie WingertАй мурун
  • I’m really interested in the bull acquiring Isaiah thomas as the veteran pg, and Coby play as back up or off ball 🤔

    Tiarra ParkerTiarra ParkerАй мурун
  • Draymond needing Curry and Klay goes both ways. Not sure they would’ve been all that if draymond wasn’t holding it down🤷‍♂️

    Brink MusicBrink MusicАй мурун
  • The Jazz have won 22 of their last 25. In the 3 losses... - The Nuggets shot 54% from the field and 64.3% from 3. Nikola Jokic had 47. AND the Jazz had a below average shooting night at 42.7%. The Nuggets won by just 11. - The Clippers shot an unreal 65% on long twos. Clippers won by just 4. - The Heat shot 51.2% from the field and 46.7% from 3 while the Jazz shot just 42.6% FG and 32.6% from 3 (well below their season averages) and the Jazz still had the game within one possession in the final minute. Heat won by 8. If you're paying attention you're seeing that it is taking an outlier night in order to beat the Jazz.

    1 Survivor1 SurvivorАй мурун
  • Why does Shai only get 90K but the Heat get 117K..... No love for my Canadian Thunder, just watch every video guys there is no better basketball content!!!

    MrDerkDJMrDerkDJАй мурун
  • I've been waiting for weeks for Miami to look like the future champs they are. It's still early too. Games dont get intense till the last quarter of the season

    MacDaddyConnerMacDaddyConnerАй мурун

    Tommy italian 3054lifeTommy italian 3054lifeАй мурун

    Tommy italian 3054lifeTommy italian 3054lifeАй мурун
  • I know they lost but watching the Pacers, Domantas Sabonis is such a damn good passer, he didn’t shoot well but damn the dude can drop dimes

    Jared GodeJared GodeАй мурун
  • Jimmy hit alot of jumpers that game

    Black MagBlack MagАй мурун
  • Finally someone talking about Miami's comeback. We're easily the most undervalued team in the league. We've been putting numbers and Ws for weeks now, multiple triple-doubles, Jimmy got 3 in a row, and not a word from most of the media or content creators. No mention on the top10 or any official media. It's pretty disappointing. We're putting these results with little star power, no flashy NBA star, the boys are playing with a chip on the shoulder and most important, still having a lot of fun at it. If we trade Kelly Olynyk by the deadline for a big guy who can actually defend, we're winning this shi

    Sal OliveiraSal OliveiraАй мурун
  • Derrick Rose

    L.O.VL.O.VАй мурун
  • The Heat came out against the Jazz attacking the paint first. Usually the try to establish the 3-point attack. But this game, unlike all the games this year, was paint attack focused. They seemingly wanted to establish the inside game which cause the Jazz to lay off Drob & the shooters. The Jazz adjustment was not coordinated enough to withstand it as I am sure they were looking to defend the 3’s. Plus the Jazz shots were not falling. Great game as a Heat fan.

    Kevin JohnsonKevin JohnsonАй мурун
  • if you want lonzo ball to go to the bulls just say that lol

    brazefaze jaybrazefaze jayАй мурун
  • Hello

    Elias SourialElias SourialАй мурун
  • Floating head

    Tadhg KennedyTadhg KennedyАй мурун
  • When your a Knicks fan and they score 140 and he never talks about them 🥲

    It’s_ AnthonyIt’s_ AnthonyАй мурун
  • Dragic underated

    Poker FacePoker FaceАй мурун
  • im new to basketball, are the heats winning or losing or something what on earth is happening

    Asahi旦陽Hiroto大翔Asahi旦陽Hiroto大翔Ай мурун
  • I'm convinced Kenny is lowkey a Heat fan. Welcome to heat nation.

    Fadellio KidFadellio KidАй мурун
  • #kennysdoesntneedahaircut

    S3x_LANDS3x_LANDАй мурун
  • I like the fit man

    Connor OConnor OАй мурун
  • Where’s the wizards talk??

    __TAR_ ___TAR_ _Ай мурун
  • Could not agree more with the Chris Paul thing. When they beat my Sixers and he was just torching us in the 4th it was so annoying but I love watching him.

    Matthew ZMatthew ZАй мурун
  • it's hard being a hawks fan.

    HiImBrandonHiImBrandonАй мурун

    TFordTFordАй мурун
  • Fire hair

    Ace's 4 Star CookingAce's 4 Star CookingАй мурун
  • My boys drip tho 🥵

    Matthew GrygielMatthew GrygielАй мурун
  • They gon' smack the Bucks, Celtics, Sixers... Brooklyn, not so sure. Lord have mercy for the other contenders out east.

    Team HumanityTeam HumanityАй мурун
  • I want iguodala

    Pedro CavacoPedro CavacoАй мурун
  • My heat'z will b n da mix!🔥🔥🔥

    Jermane CrumbleyJermane CrumbleyАй мурун
  • So NOW you wanna talk about the Jazz lol

    NateModo DragonNateModo DragonАй мурун
  • Kenny hasn’t done an episode on the same day as a wizards game in almost 2 weeks😭😭😭

    Aidan SullivanAidan SullivanАй мурун
  • unpredictable is definitely the word

    Mark HathawayMark HathawayАй мурун
  • Bro, I only come here for u to talk about the raptors please talk about them.

    Thomas McHughThomas McHughАй мурун
  • You putting too many ads in these 15 min vids my dude

    Ryan SchafferRyan SchafferАй мурун
  • Idc what you say kd joining the warriors ruined the potential of how great each individual stat could have been and if you say kd was at his best with golden state that's because they allowed it he got to drive their lambo

    Jimb00Jimb00Ай мурун
  • I'm pretty sure VO and Boogie aren't even trying to win cuz they are gonna get traded anyway, but idk, maybe it's just cuz we on a 10 game losing streak

    hxrv bdhxrv bdАй мурун
  • Guys let’s blow up Draymonds dms and tell him to go on called game

    Vincent GagliardiVincent GagliardiАй мурун
  • Kenny hating on the jazz, man don’t respect them when there on top but talk when they loose

    panda soilpanda soilАй мурун
  • I want IGUODALA

    Max KellermanMax KellermanАй мурун
  • Dlo

    highshallow tvgaminghighshallow tvgamingАй мурун
  • Kenny u gotta do sum with your hair my boy

    whiterondo34whiterondo34Ай мурун
  • The Pacers win that game if levert or Warren are healthy. Like Kenny said they’re missing that shot creator that can get a bucket when the offense isn’t flowing.

    Alex RobinsonAlex RobinsonАй мурун
  • No team will want to see Miami in the playoffs

    Alex RobinsonAlex RobinsonАй мурун

    Eldin’s ProductionsEldin’s ProductionsАй мурун
  • get a word with Jared Dudley

    SCUBA SteveSCUBA SteveАй мурун
  • As a guy who watched the heat vs jazz game, the jazz we’re playing man and shutting down shooters until Jimmy Butler went inside and got buckets at will, then they switched to a zone to stop Jimmy

    Trent TilgerTrent TilgerАй мурун
  • Kenny need a haircut

    End K.End K.Ай мурун
  • the fit is 🔥

    t bt bАй мурун
  • You forgot the Raptors?

    Jaivir Brar 43Jaivir Brar 43Ай мурун

    Dylan KingeryDylan KingeryАй мурун